I got my own blog

Today, I finally got my own new blog. I would like to thank my teacher, Mrs. Denise for making me my own blog. I was surprised today at school when Mrs. Denise told me that I am getting my blog today, for I wrote 11 posts on our class’s blog. Our class’s blog is krebs.edublogs.org please read our posts there, because we post posts daily.

I had 3 posts that were submitted at first and that was really weak, but yesterday I wrote 8 posts just to complete my dream. The whole class knew about that, and I was really proud of myself. Still I am happy I got my own blog.

5 thoughts on “I got my own blog

  1. Salma,
    I am proud of you too! Your posts are powerful, and your writing is effective. I like how your blog is shaping up, too. You found an interesting theme. Congratulations!

    Mrs. Denise

    1. Dear Mrs.Denise,
      Thanks, I also want to tell you that you are awesome and cool, and I would like to thank you for everything. I also thought that you are going to love my theme, so did Muhammed. I liked it because it is about nature.

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