I published my novel !!

During the last week our class did publish our novels that we wrote at November, 2016. Some people had long and thick novels, while some had small novels. There were comedian, dramatic, funny, adventurous, and mysterious novels. Though, we just published one copy we were really happy.

Mine was called “The Year 4563’s Mysteries” it is one of the mysterious novels. It is a book that shows how bad our future will be if we stayed on our bad habits that we are doing these days.

It was a really bad life full of problems, mysteries, pollutions, and ROBOTS!! if you want to read it you could open this link: The Year 4563’s Mysteries

Hope you could like it, and try to write one it November. NANOWRIMO


In the Ocean

Beside the sparkling ocean

On the gentle, yellow sand

Near me are my cutest friends

Between us was a marvelous love

To the ocean hand by hand

With a big courageous moment

On the glittering ocean

( we jump)

Things that makes us Friends

There are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better. Do you know who are these people? They are friends 😀.

Me and Sarah are friends since 2nd grade. We were always fighting about silly things, but we come back to each other in the end. That was a silly life that we lived that time, but now we know how true friends manage their problems by their selves. We as 5th graders will not leave each other forever.

True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart. We were friends from a long time, but that’s not why we are friends. We have reasons that prove we are friends. Do you want to know them? There they are

We both have the same opinions.

We both think about the same thing in the same time, sometimes.

We both are geniuses.

We both love reading and writing in English most of the times.

We both hate some certain healthy food.

We both love sitting in the back when we are going on a trip.

We both love to design our math practice books.

We both are awesome and cool.

We both also have many things that are the same, but they are endless that we couldn’t write right know. We love each other, and we will never leave each other whatever it is.


By: Salma and Sarah

Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • His birthdate is on 15\1\1929
  • He is not a king, but it’s just his name.
  • Assassinated on April 4, 1968.
  • He skipped two grades from 9th to 11th grade.
  • He married in 1953.
  • They celebrate his day every year in the White House.
  • He has a dream speech – 1963.
  • Non-violence.
  • He started collage when he was fifteen years old.
  • He went to jail because he broke the law that he thought it wasn’t fair.
  • The killer of Martin is James Earl Ray.
  • He wanted peace to the world.
  • Civil Right Act was in 1964.

Parts of Speech

Grade 5 students did the parts of speech in the beginning of our school year. I f you are in our class 5A or 5B you can open your writing notebook and check for the date: 26- september- 2016, there is where we wrote some notes. If you are not from our class you can read those notes down here.


some examples:

dog\ cow\ clock\ watch\ closet\ door\ pool\ sharpener\ water park


some examples:

she\ he\ them\ it\ they\ his\ we\ her\ I\ our


some examples:

beautiful\ pure\ cute\ ugly\ bad\ athletic\ good\ sweet\ salt\ tasty\ grade


some examples:

win\ dance\ jump\ walk\ cry\ start\ end\ draw\ color\ see\ sing\ work\ learn


I got my own blog

Today, I finally got my own new blog. I would like to thank my teacher, Mrs. Denise for making me my own blog. I was surprised today at school when Mrs. Denise told me that I am getting my blog today, for I wrote 11 posts on our class’s blog. Our class’s blog is krebs.edublogs.org please read our posts there, because we post posts daily.

I had 3 posts that were submitted at first and that was really weak, but yesterday I wrote 8 posts just to complete my dream. The whole class knew about that, and I was really proud of myself. Still I am happy I got my own blog.